Welcome to Shooz!

Before we get into things, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Baruch and I am blessed with my wife, Nechama, and three little kids.

Trust me when I say we know how stressful shoe shopping for your kids can be. That’s why here at Shooz, our goal is to give you the most pleasant shopping experience possible and also have you and your kids thrilled with your purchase. I think a bit of background would help here...

Growing up in Milwaukee WI, I used to love going to the local shoe store. We knew the saleslady personally and it felt as though we were visiting a good friend. It was also a time to check out some new styles. We always walked out with the joy of having a brand new pair of shoes and also having had a good time.

Throughout my years, I’ve been extremely in tune with emerging styles and appreciated very much looking polished and stylish, also being sure not to compromise on comfort. After marrying my wife, Nechama, we found that we shared in this appreciation for style and comfort.

Not longer after that, I found myself selling apparel and clothing online. I did this for quite some time building relationships with suppliers and customers alike and, thank G-d, I was very successful.

After doing this for a bunch of years, I felt it was time for me to take my experience and expertise to the next level. A level where I can meet, interact and guide my customers to making smart and comfortable purchases in a more personal way.

And that’s where we’re at today. SHOOZ!

A place where we get to meet beautiful people and their wonderful kids, helping them find the shoe that’s right for them and put a smile on their faces.

Happy Feet, Happy Kids!